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Team Responsibilities

The Victorious Secret Netball Club appreciates the time and effort it takes for our members, officials and players to represent our Club. In representing the Victorious Secret Netball Club comes responsibilities that are put in place to support the club achieve its goals and mission to become a successful and competitive club.

It takes many people to create a team and each person in the team has a role. The Club has developed a series of responsibilities to be undertaken by members of the team to ensure the team is successful.

  • All players are required to attire themselves for matches in the complete official, playing uniform of the Club.
  • All players are required to treat their Teammates, Coach/Captain, Manager, Club Officials and opponents with dignity and respect.
  • Players who are dissatisfied with their grading selection are to follow the official appeals procedure, they must send in a letter stating their grievance to the committee. This can be done via email.
  • Players are not to be involved in selection of teams for matches unless requested by the Coach/Captain.
  • Any misconduct by players (i.e. swearing, abusing teammates, umpires, etc...) will not be tolerated by the Club at any level. The Committee reserves the right to suspend players found guilty of these offences.
  • Players are encouraged to support the Club sponsors wherever possible.
  • Players are to be aware that netball is a team sport, and whilst personal development is of prime importance, the team development must take precedence. 

Medical Matters

All players have a responsibility to fill in the medical information form (downloaded from our website) and give it to their Coach/Captain at the start of the season. It is your responsibility to bring to the attention of the Coach/Captain any medical condition. A parent or guardian of a Junior player with a medical condition is to be in attendance at all training and matches. A player returning from illness or injury that required medical attention is to provide the Coach/Captain with a written clearance to resume training or playing; such clearance is to be provided by either the player’s doctor, physiotherapist or parent/guardian. This must then be handed onto the president for final approval.


Junior players are expected to attend ALL training sessions. When a commitment is made to the Victorious Secret Netball Club, this includes training.

In exceptional circumstances, such as illness or injury the Coach MUST be contacted PRIOR to training if the player cannot attend. Injured players should still attend training where possible.

A player, who has failed to attend training and neglected to notify the Coach with an explanation, may not be selected in the starting team line up.

Players who regularly miss training without an acceptable reason are liable to disciplinary action.

Players should treat the training sessions with a positive attitude, expending the same effort as in match day.

Players should cooperate with the Coach/Captain at all times. 

Disciplinary Action

Whilst players are expected to be cooperative at all times, disciplinary action is sometimes necessary. This may occur when a player:-refuses to abide by a Coach’s/Captains decision; 

  • shows poor or unacceptable behaviour;
  • is repeatedly late for training and matches;
  • Fails to attend training on numerous occasions;
  • fails to notify the Coach/Captain as to non-attendance at training or matches; and/or
  • is generally uncooperative. 

Disciplinary action may include:-

  • removal from court;
  • omission from the starting team for a match;
  • omission from the team for a whole match;
  • demotion to a team in a lower grade;
  • cancellation of membership 

Coaches/Captains will usually warn a player when his/her behaviour is seen to be inappropriate or not befitting of a Victorious Secret Netball Club member, but in some circumstances, action may be taken without warning if the behaviour is seen to warrant this. Coaches/Captains will refer all disciplinary matters to the Committee.

Spectators / Parents

  • Encourage the team’s performance.
  • Applaud good performance and focus on the efforts by your team and their opponents, rather than the overall outcome of the event.
  • The result of each game should be accepted. An honest effort is as important as victory.
  • Respect the umpire’s decision and appreciate they are an essential part of the game.
  • Encourage players to play according to the rules and the officials’ decisions.
  • Demonstrate appropriate social conduct by not using foul language, harassing players, Coaches or officials.
  • Respect the Coach/Captain of your team and be careful not to give conflicting advice to players.
  • Be aware netball is a team game and respect the object of the Coach/Captain to develop the entire team whilst also improving individual development.
  • Any expression of grievances, concerns or problems regarding players or teams, This is to be resolved in the first instance by the Coach/Captain and if unresolved, by representation in writing (email is acceptable) to the Management Committee.

Captain’s Responsibilities:

Match Day

  • Ensure your Team meets at designated place & time indicated.
  • Ensure the Team warms up properly and together & take charge of team warm up drill.
  • Ensure your team finishes the warm up, on the match court as soon as court is free
  • Give positive motivation to the Team prior to, during and after the match
  • Encourage your teammates in a positive way throughout the match
  • Give 100% to your own game and lead the Team by example
  • Accept the umpires decisions
  • Get Team together during any break in play & ensure they move to the sidelines plus keep them focused on the game.
  • After the match, thank your players, the opposition team and the Umpires
  • Sign the score card 


  • Lead the Team in the warm ups and cool downs.
  • Encourage everyone to work hard – train as you play.
  • Encourage your Team mates to listen while talking.
  • Be the first to try anything new
  • Lead by example