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VSNC Policy.

Welcome to the Victorious Secret Netball Club.

Please take the time to read this document and the member protection policy as it contains important information that you may need during the season. If you have any queries during the season, please do not hesitate to contact the club or visit our website.

This booklet is a living document which will be updated as needed.


President: Crystal Casha - 0406 187 704 - [email protected]

Secretary/Treasurer: Michelle Stevens - [email protected]/[email protected]


Victorious Secret Netball Club seeks to provide opportunities for players and their families to participate in learning, playing and enjoying the game of netball. The club caters for boys and girls from beginners to advanced players. Victorious Secret Netball Club is affiliated with St Albans Caroline Springs Netball Association, and therefore follows their policies and guidelines; such as, Junior policy, member protection, all codes of behaviour. These can be found on their website.

Club Philosophy

Victorious Secret Netball Club aims to provide an environment where participants can:

  • Learn and develop the skills and ethics of netball
  • Receive coaching from coaches
  • Have fun and form friendships
  • Be supported by the club, their peers, coaches and parents
  • Be provided with a pathway enabling them to achieve their potential


All new players need to fill out a registration form. Once done a team placement fee needs to be paid. This is running off a first in basis. To avoid disappointment and to secure your spot this fees should be paid as soon as applicable.

Returning players - please notify your coach if you are returning next season. A placement fee will need to be paid. This will be due at registration day, if you have not paid the fee, any spots in the team remain open to the public. 


Teams will be established prior to the beginning of each season. Such teams will have a maximum of 9 players. Teams will be decided by the grading panel, after a trial and discussion with coaches. Players will be placed according to their skill levels. Players do not get to choose their teams. 

Competitions Offered

1) Junior Netball

9&U, 11&U, 13&U, 15&U, 17&U 

Game Duration

4 x 10 minute quarters

Training Requirements

For all junior teams, training will be held at Copperfield College, Sydenham. Every Sunday morning until further notice (except public holidays & School Holidays) Junior teams will be appointed one hour training time. Players will train with their team and their coach.

NOTE: Training sessions are compulsory for players in the junior sector. If a player is unable to attend training for any reason, their coach should be notified. As our training sessions are planned for the entire team it is essential that they attend. A player who misses a training session for any reason will be benched for the first quarter. Training fees are included in junior game fees. Additional training or seniors training is not included in fees


Full season payments must be made a week prior to the first round of term. Players who have not paid will not be permitted to take the court. Invoices are issued a month in advance, players are welcome to make part payments but must be finalised by the due date. Late payments are not accepted.

Residents of Brimbank council - who are on a pension card or health care card may apply for a grant from their council. please check out In2Sports on their website.

Banking Details

Victorious Secret Netball Club

BSB: 633000

ACC: 161359492

Ref: Invoice number


VNA is a separate payment from club fees and does not get paid to the club. It is a direct online payment to Netball Victoria for insurance purposes. Any player playing under SACSNA must have a VNA. Once a VNA is purchased your VNA number should be sent to the players Coach. A player will not be allowed to take the court if they do not hold a current VNA. 


All players must be in uniform when playing for our club. Uniforms must be the same as every player. Uniforms can be purchased through our uniform officer.

No jewelry is to be worn during games. Gloves may be worn for Senior players only, if nails are long they must either be cut short or taped. If you have long nails and are wearing gloves, nails will need to be taped underneath. Hair must be tied back. Correct footwear must be worn at both training and games.


Players must arrive at the court and ready to start at least 15 minutes prior to the start of their game. This allows players to warm up to avoid any injury and for coaches and team managers to organise teams. If a player is unable to attend a game, the coach must be notified as soon as possible. All players should receive equal court time, unless

  • A player is late to their game
  • A player has not attended a training session
  • During finals

Coaches & Team Managers

Appointed by the match committee.

Coaches are responsible for taking weekly training sessions throughout each season with age appropriate drills and the coaching of their appointed team for matches. To ensure data is updated during season by informing Victorious Secret Netball Club secretary of any changes. Responsible to disseminate all information to all players in their team throughout the season/s

Team managers are deemed as the supervising adult. Team Managers need to attend all meetings on behalf of the Junior Coach. Coaches and Team Managers are a team. It is their responsibility to work together with their team to ensure it runs smoothly and effectively. 

Fill ins

If a fill in is required during any game a registered player from another team must be used. No fill ins are allowed from other clubs. If you cannot get a registered player to fill in, you must notify a member of the committee asap. 


If you are injured during a match, you or your coach must write the incident on the score sheet. It is also your responsibility to inform the court supervisor on the night. Once this is done you may then make a claim through Netball Victoria.

Any injuries occurred will need a medical clearance before a player is allowed back on court.


It is recognised that people associated with the club will from time to time have grievances or complaints that need to be resolved in the interest of maintaining good relationships. Victorious Secret Netball Club believes that: 

  • people have the right to have their grievances receive careful consideration through established processes that are timely and based on fairness and respect
  • the best resolution is one that is reached cooperatively and informally where possible, prior to a formal complaint being lodged in writing
  • a person making a complaint or airing a grievance will not be disadvantaged in anyway as a direct result
  • where a formal complaint is received by the committee it will be considered in a timely and confidential manner and documented together with the steps towards resolution.


It is advised that any issues be directed to the coach or a committee member. 


  • A member or parent may lodge a grievance in relation to a decision or a process undertaken by a member of the club. This includes coaches, players and officials.
  • The grievance can be made to any committee member of the club.
  • The grievance must be in writing.
  • The secretary of the club will receive the written grievance and record this appropriately on the grievance register with sufficient details to ensure subsequent follow-up.
  • The secretary will determine whether the grievance relates to the committee in general or the executive committee.
  • The secretary will advise the president, of all grievances relating to the committee in general or the executive committee. Once the appropriate course of action in relation to any grievance is decided, the secretary or coaching coordinator may advise the appropriate official of the basis of the grievance.
  • Any allegation must be supported by valid evidence and this evidence will be included with other information supplied by the aggrieved person.

Last updated 22/01/19