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2020 Club Information

Victorious Secret Netball Club – 2020 Player Information

President: Crystal Casha – 0406 187 704 – [email protected]

Vice President: Brooke Hall - 0406 293 656

Secretary/Treasurer: Michelle Stevens – 0413 007 334 – [email protected]


Facebook Page:

Facebook members only group:


Our main form of communication for events & information is via email, so please make sure your email is always updated if it changes. All invoices are sent via email. We post regular updates, photos, events ect onto our Facebook group and find this the easiest way to speak with members. If you are on Facebook please join. 


Fees are set at the committee meeting at the beginning of each netball season by the Committee. Invoices are sent out a month in advance, Due a week prior to the first game. Please make sure all payments are processed by the due date. In the event that fees remain outstanding beyond that time, it is at the discretion of the Committee whether such player/s can play in a team until such time as outstanding fees are paid.

We accept part payments, Full balance must be received by the due date. A season commitment is required.

Registration: A $10 non-refundable deposit is required to be paid at the time of registration, this is to cover your place in the team and to cover the cost of registering the team into the competition, if you registered online, an invoice will be sent to the email address provided.

Season fees: Juniors: $190, Seniors: $200.

VNA: - Is an insurance membership required to play netball. This is directly though Netball Victoria and must be paid prior to taking the court. The association will not allow you to take the court without one. This fee is not included in our fees,

All juniors 8yrs and under are to purchase the Net Set 

Go membership

9yrs-17yrs of age to select the junior (18yrs+ to select Senior) 


Please follow the prompts and select the correct team/night- Via your MyNetball account.

If you are still having problems you can contact Sally Ihaka: [email protected] for assistance.

Uniforms & Footwear

Players are required to play in the club uniform. No player will be allowed to take the court if out of uniform.

Uniforms: $45. Payment must be made at time of ordering uniform.

It is essential that all players wear suitable footwear for netball. Having correct footwear can make a huge difference during the game. It can also reduce the risk of injury. If throughout the year we believe your child may need to change their footwear, we will notify you.

Training (juniors)

Is held at Copperfield College (Sydenham campus)

U9's & U11's 10:30am-11:30am

U13's & U15's 11:30am - 12:30pm

It is compulsory for all players to attend training, as it will teach the children all at the same stage. Missing any sessions can impact the progress of ability. 

Inability to Attend Training

All players are required to notify their coach if they are unable to attend training. Players who miss training sessions to have first quarter off the following week in addition to normal stand-off periods. 


All players are required to be at the game 15 minutes prior to the game time, for warm up and for the coach to hand out any instructions. Parents are instructed to stay seated on the bench at intervals and leave the coaching up to the coach. The Team manager will assist with position changes

Inability to Attend Matches

If you know that you are not able to play in a particular match, please let your coach know in advance. If you know that you will be absent from some matches during the season, please be courteous and let your coach know in advance. This enables the coach to pre-plan substitutions. If you cannot play on match day due to illness, let your coach know as soon as possible, as substitutes may need to be found quickly. Absences without notification to the coach will result in time off the court. This will be at the discretion of the coach. Remember that being part of a team is a commitment. It is disruptive for a coach and other team members if players are unavailable regularly or don't turn up without prior notice. 

Team Managers-

All our junior teams require Team Managers. This is to assist our coaches before, during and after the game. If you may be interested in this role, please speak with Michelle or Crystal who can advise you on the process.

Parent Scoring Roster

All parents will be asked to assist with scoring duties throughout the season. Team Managers and Coaches should ensure that a roster is handed out and stuck to at the beginning of the season. These are essential duties, so your assistance is vital. It is impossible for a coach or team manager to do the scoring, plus coach throughout the game.


All complaints will be taken seriously. Please speak in the first instance to the Club President, Secretary or attending Committee member. Alternatively, you can submit the matter in writing so that any issue can be dealt with appropriately according to club policy.


Subject to each player's participation during the season, coaches will try to give each player fair time on court during the minor rounds. During finals it is at the individual coach’s discretion as to a player’s time on court. Which means that some players may not receive equal court time, but all players in the team will have a minimum of two quarters court time for each finals game. All team members contribute to the team getting into finals, even if they do not receive equal court time during a final. Remember this is a team sport and is not all about an individual. Please note that finals game fees are not included in the regular game fees. If finals are made, each player will need to pay extra game fees on the night of finals. Juniors $10 p/g, Seniors $10 p/g

Presentation Night

The club’s presentation is held at the end of the Spring Season. This is a fantastic opportunity to recognize the efforts of all players, coaches and volunteers. We encourage all players, officials and parents to attend this event.

We hope this has given you the information you need to get you through a wonderful year at Victorious Secret Netball Club. We truly hope you enjoy your time with us, and have so much fun. If you require any further information please speak to us anytime as we are always happy to help.